If you smoke CBD flower or medicinal herbs for health reasons, learn how to make every vape a pleasurable experience with these 10 simple basic rules.

1. invest in a quality vaporizer

It all starts with a quality vaporizer. When choosing a vape, you should pay attention to certain points like replaceable parts, warranty and materials.

We have written a detailed article about this, which goes into all the important points: “What you should look for when buying vaporizers”.

Pro tip: If your vaporizer is new, you should heat it at least 4 times on maximum setting to clean the herb chamber and air duct from production residues and unsightly aftertaste.

2. more aroma through dry herbs

The taste and aroma of dry herbs and flowers are much more intense than fresh ones, because during drying essential oils are dissolved and new aromas are created by chemical processes.
Pro tip: Dry material that is still wet first at lower temperatures in the chamber of the vaporizer and then vape.

3. efficient evaporation due to finely ground material.

The finer the material is ground with a herb mill, the better the heat distribution and the greater the surface area from which active ingredients can be filtered. So you vaporize effectively with more steam and a more intense effect.

Do not overfill the heating chamber!

The basic requirement for proper evaporation is sufficient air and heat circulation. Therefore, the crushed flowers should lie loosely on top of each other and not be stuffed too tightly into the herb chamber, as this will prevent the heat and air from distributing evenly. This means that some flowers are steamed “empty”, while other parts still contain ingredients that can not dissolve.

Allow to heat up!

Most handheld vaporizers today have an automatic preheat program that often takes only a few seconds to heat the herb chamber to the desired temperature. However, many tabletop vaporizers and older vaporizer models take a little longer. The key here is to remain patient!
Regardless of the vaporizer model you use, we recommend that you always read the user manual thoroughly. Here’s exactly how to properly heat up your device to ensure a pleasant vapor experience every time.

6. the right temperature for “healthy” evaporation

The standard range is considered to be a temperature of 180 to 220 degrees. At temperatures up to 200 degrees, the steam is barely visible, but tastes purest because it does not yet contain roasted flavors. From 200 degrees, the steam becomes thicker, but also more scratchy in the throat. The roasting aromas distort the taste, but intensify the effect released.

You should adjust the temperature of your vaporizer depending on the material.
For example:

  • Chamomile, Lavender, St. John’s Wort & Thyme: 100-150° C
  • Fennel, ginkgo, hops, lemon balm & tarragon: 150 – 175° C
  • Marshmallow, peppermint & sage: 150 – 200° C
  • CBD: 160 -180° C
  • Aloe Vera, Ginger, Ginseng, Green Tea & Valerian: 175 -200° C

Note: Benzene is formed in the vapor above 205 degrees. The amount is much lower compared to cigarette smoke, but no longer belongs to the “healthy” temperature range for vaporization.

7. regulate air supply

Most vapes have an adjustable air supply via a slider regulator. This way you can change the draw resistance and provide for easy inhalation. Make sure that the regulator is not too wide open, otherwise efficient evaporation cannot take place.

8. inhale gently and with pleasure!

Vaporizing means enjoying – That’s why you should pull lightly and evenly on the vaporizer. Pulling too hard causes too much cold outside air to be drawn into the heating chamber, which distorts the set evaporating temperature and affects the quality of the steam. Just give it a try! After a while, you’ll find the balance between draw strength and air valve.

9. multiple stirring

With just about any vape model, it’s worth it if you rearrange the material in the chamber to get intense and flavorful vapor. Simply “stir” gently with a small stick a few times per steam session. With little effort you get the maximum out of your herbs.

10. regular cleaning for long steam pleasure

Through use, the vaporizer’s warm steam condenses and over time, sticky, resinous deposits settle out. This clogs the airways and the performance of the evaporator decreases over time. This shortens the functionality and life of the vape.
But by cleaning it regularly, you can positively influence the quality of the steam and its performance. Depending on the intensity of use, this should be done every 4 days (heavy use) or 1x a week (normal use).

Read our article “The right cleaning for your vaporizer – instructions & tips for “clean vaporizing” here.

The right cleaning for your vaporizer:

1. let your vaporizer get cold. Then disassemble it into the individual parts (remember the composition!)
2. brush all herbs and flower debris from the herb chamber and sieve with a small cleaning brush.
3. now dip a cotton swab into isopropyl alcohol and clean the mouthpiece and sieve.
4. in the case of minor gumming in the chamber, the cotton swab should only be damp when cleaning so that no liquid gets into the electronics
5. to remove alcoholic residues, your vape should first be “vaporized out”. To do this, set the vaporizer with empty herb chamber to a low heat (min. 100 °C) and operate the vaporizer for a few minutes

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Note: This item is not suitable for persons under 18 years!
This article describes, among other things, the possible uses of CBD flowers provided that these flowers do not contain more than 0.3% THC. The purpose of this article is not to entice, assist, or encourage individuals to abuse addictive substances.