!!Pre-Order!! ZEN Vaporizers Stilus Pro Convection

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Delivery expected from 10th – 15th December 2020

CONVECTION VAPORISER FOR HERBS, OILS + WAXES – The ZEN Stilus Pro can be used with all herbs with its adjustable temperature range. The Zen range offers separate chambers for use with waxes and oils.
EASY TEMPERATURE MANAGEMENT – A perfect vaping experience every time with our degree-adjustable heating. Adjust the temperature to the exact degree between 80°C and 220°C and enjoy the full flavour.
IMPROVED HEATING TECHNOLOGY – A more even and gentle heating of the chamber from our new convection design. By drawing hot air through the chamber using convection you get a more pure and flavourful steam.
NORMAL + TIMED MODE – Set the temperature manually or use our smart automatic heating option. Simply set a start and end temperature and the heating duration and let your ZEN vaporiser do the work.
A STEP ABOVE – With a wide range of features and inclusions, including a black glass mouthpiece, LED display, memory function and an exchangeable battery. ZEN put more into every vape pen.

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