Zen Aluminum Grinder Pink 63mm


Includes 19% MwSt.
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GTIN: 4270000371875

IMPOSSIBLE – Only the ZEN Vaporizers 4-piece herb grinder is made of absolutely stainless aerospace grade aluminum, making it extremely durable, lightweight and perfect for travel.

EXTREMELY SHARP – The abrasion-resistant blade teeth of the Alu Crusher quickly and safely grind any ground material without resharpening. Why settle for less?

FOR ALL PURPOSES – The small premium herb grinder effortlessly grinds up to 6g of dried herbs, flowers, spices, tobacco, or medicinal herbs with a simple twist of the grinder mechanism

MAGNETIC CLOSURE – The strong neodymium magnet in the lid of the herb crusher makes storage and transport in your pocket almost airtight and preserves the aroma

MILLING WITHOUT LOSS – The cabbage mill has an integrated pollen sieve, as well as a pollen catcher with pollen scraper, so that even the very fine pollen is not lost.

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