Stilus Pro Upgrade
The new version of our Stilus Pro convection, optimized for you, is coming soon!

Even we in the development team have enjoyed watching the Stilus Pro continue to improve and improve.

We have not only brought the technology up to date. The new Stilus Pro convection now has some new features that make it easier for you to use and offer even more possibilities.

The new version of the vaporizer has a USB-C charging port. The glass mouthpiece is now firmly and securely screwed, but this does not change the hammer optics.

Our personal highlight is the new endless timer function. This is the result of long nights, steaming heads and boundless willpower. What you get out of it?
You can now extend your session as often as you want without restarting the device. Horny? We think so too!

And it gets even better: So that you also have the necessary power for it, the new Stilus Pro comes standard with a 18650 battery.

Because we are so excited, we want to share the anticipation of our little tech wonder with you. From now until Sunday evening (12/13/2020, 11:59pm), you’ll receive an exclusive Early Bird discount on the new Stilus Pro convection.

Pre-order your new Stilus Pro convection now and be one of the first to hold our new innovative highlight in your hands.